Negotiation Skills for Business (1day)

Negotiating is part and parcel of organizational life. It produces results by getting and maintaining the cooperation of others – whether it is in the area of Sales, Purchasing, Project Management, Line Management/Union Negotiations,

This one day Programme is designed to give participants the negotiations skills required to conduct business effectively and with confidence.

Will be of interest to:

Any member of staff who is involved in a discipline which requires negotiations/consultations e.g. Sales, Purchasing, Customer Service and Industrial Relations.

Training Methodology

This Course will be participative and will involve tutor input, discussion, case studies as well as a variety of exercises.


  • Background to Negotiations
  • Recognising Integrative and Distributive approaches
  • Traits of the Effective Negotiator
  • Preparing for any Negotiation
  • Power and Influence
  • My approach to Conflict Resolution\Bargaining
  • Understanding and Conducting Integrative Negotiations
  • Understanding and Conducting Distributive Negotiations
  • Action Planning

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