Facilitation Skills – 1 Day

This Programme is designed to give participants an insight into and practice in some key facilitation skills which will enable them to competently facilitate on site meetings ranging from Continuous Improvement to Quality and general discussion.

Will be of interest to:

For team leads, facilitators, trainers and all others who have a role in facilitating processes, meetings and events.

Training Approach:

This is a practical programme which will enable participants to practice the tools and techniques required for effective facilitation. Learning will stem from tutor input, discussion and practice and there will be an emphasis on increasing participants’ confidence. It would be useful if participants could brief the trainer by email (before the programme commences) of typical facilitation activities in which they are currently involved or likely to be involved in at a future date.


  • How to ensure that you get the correct brief from your client, e.g. using correct types of questions, reflecting back and confirming.
  • Preparation as a facilitation technique. How to structure the session and use exercises which will ensure that the meeting goes in a specific direction based on the brief.
  • Opening and contracting. Opening techniques and approaches to contracting with groups. How to reinforce the Legitimate Authority of the facilitator.
  • Approaches to facilitation of a session
  • Introductions, Scene Setting, Different Types of Questions, Reframing, Stitching, Reflecting and Summarising.
  • Bringing people in and Keeping People Out:
  • Understanding Different Types of Participants
  • Mirroring Techniques
  • “Yes, but” Approach
  • Preparing for Conflict Resolution. Showing the Group members how groups go through a process of maturity part of which is Conflict. Use of the PMI technique in this regard. Aspects of Team Evolution will also be explored at this stage.
  • Pulling the Meeting together and Final Summary
  • Follow Up by the Facilitator. Reporting techniques and maintaining a relationship with your client.
  • Miscellaneous Tips for effective facilitation. Tools, techniques and exercises which will be useful in your kit bag, e.g. Brainstorming, use of Excursion, use of Analogy, tapping into gut feeling as well as logic and experience, Force Field Analysis, Six Honest Serving Men and Prioritising Techniques

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