Impact and Influence – 2 Days

This Course is designed to help participants to know themselves better and to adapt this knowledge (together with newly acquired skills) in order to be more effective when dealing with others.

Whether it is working on shifts or in a Project Team, we each have to work with other colleagues on a day to day basis. In order to deal effectively with others and influence them, we need to know a lot about ourselves and the impact of our style on others.

Will be of interest to:

Any colleague, at any level of the organization who wishes to take an honest look at his/her influencing styles.

Training Approach:

Tutor input, discussion and exercises followed by feedback and personal reflection.


  • What exactly is influencing and why is it essential?
  • What is the Psychological Contract and how does it operate?
  • Role sets and how they affect influence
  • Understanding communications – understanding influencing
  • Understanding assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviour in yourself and others
  • My own Conflict Resolution Style – Thomas Kilmann Instrument
  • Protecting yourself against aggressive behaviour
  • Understanding different types of power and how they are used to influence
  • My own use of power – Power Perception Profile
  • Working with and influencing different types of people – does charisma really exist and can I use it?
  • Maintaining effective relationships at work
  • Action Planning

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