Proactive Management has a number of differentiating factors which give the company its competitive edge.

Ability to Network

Proactive Management has successfully completed Projects of up to 2 million Euros in value, by skilfully managing a network of independent trainers and consultants.

Experience in a variety of Sectors

Proactive Management through its professional trainers brings to its clients valid experience of a variety of industries, e.g. Electronics, SME, Public Service, etc.

Relationship with Clients

Proactive Management prides itself in forming strong relationships with its clients and designing training to meet the real needs of client companies. Over the last fifteen years, Proactive Management has been re-engaged significantly more than once by 98% of its clients.

What you see is what you get-Transparency

Some large training companies have departments which deal with tenders and training quotations but these departments do not actually deliver the training-creating a lack of consistency between what is offered and what is delivered. Proactive Management prides itself in being centrally involved in all aspects of training interventions being offered by the Company-from needs identification through design, delivery and evaluation

Keeping up with the times

Proactive Management values and builds on its experience but does not rest on its laurels-it develops contemporary programmes for today’s needs. It learns from the past in order to improve for the future. Our referees will verify this fact

Cultural sensitivity

Ireland is changing rapidly as is its workforce. There is a marked increase in the contribution rates of non Irish employees. This poses great challenges for Trainers in order to ensure that a consistent message is given to participants but not at the expense of cultural sensitivities. Martin Brennan has worked extensively with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds enabling him to adapt training to the needs of various cultures as well as being able to help members of different cultures to work more deferentially with each other.

Proven Quality Systems:

Proactive Management’s Quality Systems are accredited by QQI assuring the highest standards of Design and Delivery.

A Selection of Our Clients