Team Lead Essentials Programme -3 Days

  • This intensive programme will focus on the exploration and practice of the interpersonal, personal and organizational skills required by the effective Team Lead\Supervisor.
  • Essentially this is a skills programme designed to increase participants’ confidence. Participants will be encouraged to apply the tools and techniques to their own development and that of Team Members.

Will be of interest to:

New Team Leads who wish to acquire the essential tools in order to be successful in their role. Experienced Supervisors\Team Leads can also use the programme as a stocktake of their current skills and for the development of approproiate action plans

Training Approach

This is an intensive 3 Day Programme.
Training will include talks, tutor inputs, case studies and group discussions; each used appropriately in order to examine various topics. Various diagnostics will also be used. This is a “hands on” course, demanding full participation from course members and trainer.

Throughout the Programme participants will be encouraged to reflect on the material and develop Action Plans. The Action Plans will be developed over the duration of the programme and not simply through a ten minute reflection at the end of the Programme.


Session One: Welcome\Introductions
Session Two: Understanding the Structure of the Company
Session Three: Managing Change
Session Four: Communications Principles
Session Five: Motivation Principles
Session Six: Conflict Management
Session Seven: Problem Solving and Decision Making
Session Eight: Team working
Session Nine: Action Planning

Feedback to Management

A number of clients have found it useful to use the last hour of the third day to receive feedback from participants on items of issue or opportunity which have arisen throughout the three days.

Companies which have used this facility in a positive way have very successfully increased the relationship between the Team Leads and their Managers.

A Selection of Our Clients